Ministry Information

About CLM

Our Vision

We desire to see passionate, professional people take the lead in officating rites of passage.

Our Mission

We exist for the purpose of equipping and empowering individuals to lead and officate Life Celebrations.

Our Leaders

CLM is lead by the internationally respected husband and wife team, Wayne and Rosanne Prevett. Wayne and Rosanne have officated thousands of Life Celebrations and have trained hundreds of people to be leaders in this exciting ministry.




    It has been about a year since I took the course with you in London.  One of the first things that struck me about the course is how detailed it gets over the short two day period, but in addition to that how anyone who wants to become a Life Celebrant could benefit from a course such as this.  Not only did I learn new skills and processes concerning the Life Celebration business, that I thought I already had a grasp on from a previous relationship with another organization, but I learned that we at Celebrating Life Ministries are quite a large family. 

    -- Phil Beals

    Hi, I am a  graduate of the Celebrating Life Ministries Wedding Officiant Training Course.  I can attest to the expertise, professionalism and dedication of Wayne and Rosanne Prevett.  I had contemplated for many months and researched different avenues to becoming a clergy/officiant.  I chose CLM because of their history and because of their honest approach to their program.  I graduated in January of 2014.  I received my license from the Ministry of the Attorney General only a few weeks later. 

    -- Joyce Hamelin

    "Becoming a Wedding Officiant had been a life changing career for me, after careful considerations with all the ministries available joining “Celebrating Life Ministries” was the best decision I made. Wayne and his wife are always available for guidance, and knowing that my growth in this Ministry has been amazing seeing couples beginning their new journey in life through love in marriage."

    -- Lenore Farrell

    I wanted to mention how much I enjoyed the training session in Oshawa with Rosanne, it really sealed my commitment to this new adventure and I know and feel that I have made the right decision to finally pursue this dream. The session was professional and informative and very personal and down to earth. I appreciated the up-front presentation of the company.

    -- Margrit Voisin